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Financial Assistance

If you have concerns about paying for your care, our staff is available to help determine if you are eligible for the Sliding Fee Discount Program (our financial assistance program).

You may qualify for the Sliding Fee Discount Program even if you have insurance coverage.

Sliding Fee Discount Program, Time of Service Discount, & Good Faith Estimates

Valley View’s mission is to provide quality and compassionate health care regardless of your ability to pay.  Valley View offers tiered discounts that can reduce the amount you pay for care.   It takes only a few minutes to qualify and is available to anyone with, or without, insurance.

Reduced Fees would apply to your  Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Services.  The discount is applied to patient out of pocket expenses, including some insurance non-covered services.

The amount you will pay depends on your household income and the number of people being supported by that income.  When you visit any Valley View location, our staff will help you determine which discount tier you qualify for.

Information on and Applying for the Sliding Fee Discount Program

  • Fill out our¬†Sliding Fee Discount Application English/Spanish (allow 3-5 business days for processing)
  • Provide information regarding your income
    • Pay stubs, tax return, unemployment statements, SSI Letter, letter from employer, L&I award letter, or
    • Self-declaration of income
  • After you qualify for the Program, all discounts are applied after any insurance has been processed.
  • The supporting documentation must be provided to the Patient Billing Services Department or taken to the clinic within 30 days of your appointment to have any discounts applied to that visit.
  • Family Size and Income information must be updated every year to continue to qualify for the benefit. If your household size or income changes let us know as this may change the amount you owe.
  • For additional ask any staff member for details in the clinic OR message us in the patient portal by choosing your location and selecting ‚ÄúBilling Questions.‚ÄĚ

Sliding Fee Discount Program Tiers, Sliding Fee Discount Program (Amount You Pay per Visit), & Tier E (Full Fee) Price of Common Services

Services Outside of Valley View Health Center

The Sliding Fee Discount Program applies to services performed at Valley View Health Center as well as labs drawn at Valley View and sent to Interpath or LabCorp.  Sliding Fee Discount Tier A lab services are included in the nominal fee of $30.00.  Tiers B-D will be discounted by the lab(s) and the lab service will bill the patient directly for any balance due.  Services provided by outside specialists, labs, or radiology are not covered by the Sliding Fee Discount Program and the patient will be responsible for any and all charges.

Many of our community partners have discount programs based on family size and income. If you are concerned that you will not be able to afford services, please notify their office prior to your appointment. If you need additional assistance with these partners, please let a member of your Valley View care team know.

Time of Service Discount

Valley View Health Center expects payment at the time services are performed. Services paid in full on the day performed are eligible for a Time-of-Service Discount. Actual percentage of discount is based on total charges for that day. If you are unable to pay in full at time of service, you will be billed your full sliding fee amount.

Payment Plans

If you need to set up a payment plan, contact the clinic or our Patient Account Specialists for assistance.

Good Faith Estimates

Good Faith Estimates are based on our understanding of your needs today.  Your provider may recommend additional services that are not listed here.  Your actual charges may vary from the estimate you receive.  This Good Faith Estimate is not a contract and does not obligate you to receive the services quoted from Valley View Health Center.

For uninsured patients in Tier E of the Sliding Fee Discount Program, the estimates are limited to common services and a list of prices associated with those services.  For a Good Faith Estimate with specific services ordered by your provider, the clinic or Billing Office can provide this only after you have been evaluated by a provider and a treatment plan has been determined.  Please contact your clinic or the Billing Office at (360) 330-9557 and request a Good Faith Estimate.

If the actual charges are more than $400.00 above this estimate, you can initiate a provider-patient dispute resolution process.  You can learn how to  begin this process by calling Valley View Health Center’s Chief Administrative Officer at (360) 330-9565, Valley View Health Center’s Billing Office at (360) 330-9557, or contact us at  Starting a dispute resolution process will not impact the quality of health services you receive at Valley View Health Center.